Prorex in Europe


Do you want to catch a monster predator? If Yes, then PROREX is your solution. Whether targeting big pike, zander or perch, the now award winning PROREX range of reels, rods and lures can deliver what you seek.


PROREX is for the angler whose quest is big predators. Be PROactive; to seek your monster, and target that naturally ‘king size’ fish. The word for king is REX: hence the name of PROREX is created by joining these meanings.


Imagine you are searching for that monster in a wild water. The monster is hunting too for the game with the eyes glittering dark. His eye has very sharp vision in the middle, pinpointing the target of his attack. Look and see that in the eye.


To realise monster fish and conquer them, the angler often has to place himself at the centre of the wilderness; predator territory. For many, this part is more important than the target’s size itself. And to achieve the complete predator fishing experience requires this fuller mentality. It brings greater satisfaction. That is why we know you will understand SEEK YOUR MONSTER.